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3499拉斯维加斯app集团与萨尔瓦多行政委员会在深签署战略合作框架协议 发布于2017-08-02

在“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛国家领导人圆桌峰会举行之际,我们3499拉斯维加斯app集团紧跟国家“一带一路”的战略步划。5月13日上午,在深圳科技园迈科龙大厦3499拉斯维加斯app集团总部迎来南美洲萨尔瓦多国家港口行政委员会的参访,双方正式签署战略合作框架协议。出席此次活动的外方领导人员有:萨尔瓦多行政委员会部长Nelson Vanegas Rodriguez、萨尔瓦多政府驻多米尼加共和国大使OscarChavezValiente、萨尔瓦多政府驻多米尼加共和国使馆商务参赞Maria Ivania Hanania、萨尔瓦多港口自治行政委员会合作与投资部经理Rene Ramos Gross、 萨尔瓦多驻中国的商务参赞Rodrigo EduardoBlanco Avelar等一行。3499拉斯维加斯app集团总裁姚铭峯、常务副总裁沈雁飞、副总裁王东彬、副总裁温斌、副总裁邓家军、多米尼加中华总商会会长张跃辉、中拉商会主席李宏宇等领导出席了签约仪式,集团领导对萨尔瓦多政府领导一行的到来表示热烈欢迎,期待通过萨尔瓦多政府领导对我集团的考察,进一步加深彼此之间的合作;


Recently during the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, ZhengYe Construction Group positively responded and stayed closely with the Belt and Road Initiative. In the morning of May 13th before the forum,ZhengYe Construction Group, at its headquarters in Microprofit Mansion at the High-tech Park of Shenzhen, was meeting with its distinguished guest, Executive Committee of South America El Salvador National Port to come to an agreement on the framework agreement on strategic cooperation. The guest attendances of this meeting are the Minister of El Salvador National Port Executive Committee Nelson Vanegas Rodriguez, El Salvador’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic Oscar Chavez Valiente, El Salvador’s commercial counselor to the Dominican Republic Maria Ivania Hanania, El Salvador Executive Committee cooperation and investment department manager Rene Ramos Gross, El Salvador’s commercial counselor to China Rodrigo Eduardo Blanco Avelar, and the delegation. President of ZhengYe Construction Group MingFeng Yao, Executive Vice President YanFei Shen, Vice President Dongbin Wang, Vice President Bin Wen, Vice President JiaJun Deng, China General Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic Minister YueHui Zhang, the China Latin America Chamber of Commerce President HongYu Li and their parties attended the signing ceremony. President Yao of the ZhengYe Construction Group expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation of El Salvador and a long for the future closer mutual cooperation after this visit.


萨尔瓦多,全称萨尔瓦多共和国(英语:The Republic of El Salvador,西班牙语:República de El Salvador)是一个沿海国家,也是中美洲人口最密集的国家。萨尔瓦多国土面积20720平方千米,下设14个省。该国总人口630万。


Salvador, full name The Republic of El Salvador, is a coastal nation that has the largest population, 6.3 millions in total, in Central America. Salvador has a national territories of 20,720 square kilometers, consisted of 14 states.


At the general meeting room of ZhengYe Group headquarters, Executive Vice President YanFei Shen generally but systematically introduced the efforts and effects that ZhengYe Group generated on the innovation of construction technique and construction product manufacturing teachnique and quality control. He also mentioned that ZhengYe Group will positively respond and practice on the call for Belt and Road Initiative, which starts nicely and works smoothly by far. Future on the guidance of the framework agreement on strategic cooperation, ZhengYe Group and El Salvador National Port Executive Committee will make joint efforts and all-round cooperation to explore business opportunities and invest in the international trade and engineering construction related development; and will strengthen the connection and cooperation of each industry and respond to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative efficiently.


Later, ZhengYe Group President Yao accompanied with Minister of El Salvador National Port Executive Committee and his delegation visit around the whole headquarters, explaining companies’ construction ability to large-scale engineering and relative advantages with respect to construction. Director of design and building information modeling (BIM) department of ZhengYe Group present some parts of BIM building process according to specific product parameters. With all the introduction of the Group, Minister of El Salvador National Port Executive Committee and his delegation gave credit for the Group’s ability at construction engineering and manufacturing; for the regulation of construction technique and staff quality; and for the strict management on the quality control of windows and doors product. El Salvador National Port Executive Committee has generated great confidence in long-term cooperation with ZhengYe Group and spoke highly of the constructed and in construction projects of the Group. Then Minister of the Executive Committee personally present precious gift to President Yao.



Signing related framework agreement, ZhengYe Group now had a strategic cooperation relationship with El Salvador National Port Executive Committee. The Executive Committee looked forward to a closer and deeper communication and jointly built a Sino-foreign interactive platform, and in the meanwhile, to positively generate more collaborations in different more aspects, making new progress in mutual benefits and development. 

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